Biblical, Liturgical, Traditional, Episcopal, Evangelical
  • Our worship is simple and dignified, using the traditional 1928 Book of Common Prayer and the 1940 Hymnal.

  • We believe the Bible is God's Word written.

  • We vigorously hold to the plain understanding of the 39 Articles of Religion of the English Reformation as the doctrinal standard of our faith and practice.

Located in the heart of the Knox-Henderson area, the Chapel is uniquely situated to be its parish church - a good neighbor in Christ to the approximately 300,000 people who live within only thee miles.  Exploring ways to “shake hands” with our neighbors, members relish each ministry pursued.  The Chapel is quiet, but hospitable: the building, property, sanctuary and members invite all to enter - and find the God who made them.  “Thou has made us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in Thee” (St. Augustine of Hippo).

The Chapel of the Cross finds its place in the Anglican Communion with the Anglican Church in North America, as a parish of the Reformed Episcopal Church.