Organ Specifications

The organ at The Chapel of the Cross was originally built by the Moller Organ Company (op 8546) for St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, in 1953.  When St. Andrews commissioned a new instrument, the Moller was placed in storage.  It was installed at The Chapel of the Cross in 1990 by Range Organ Company. Currently it is maintained by Redman Organ.The current specification of the organ is:


# of pipes61Diapason861Hohlfloete861Gemshorn861Octave461Harmonic Flute461Octave Quint2 2/361Super Octave261Tremulent
4Clarion738Trompette738Oboe7316Double Trompette12IIIPlein Jeu1834Flute Triangular73*4Principal73*8Gamba Celeste54(?)*8Gamba73*8Gedeckt73*8Diapason73*16Gedeckt12# of pipes
# of pipes32Diapason1632Bourdon16-Gedeckt (sw)1612Octave812Bourdon8-Gedeckt (sw)8-Super Octave412Bourdon4-Double Trompette (sw)16-Trompette (sw)8-Clarion (sw)4normal complement of couplers8Trumpet**618Clarinet612Blockflote612 2/3Nazard614Flute73*8Unda Maris54(?)8Dulciana73*8Cor de Nuit73*8Viola73*# of pipes
ChoirAt various times the Choir trumpet has been available in other places: on the Great, at the expense of the Great to Great 16 coupler, and on the Pedal, at the expense of the 4 Bourdon.

*These ranks were originally 73 pipes per rank, with the extra top octave used for octave coupling, however when installed at the Chapel, only 61 pipes per rank were installed. Since then a few of these in the Choir have been reinstalled.

** Added in 1990, higher pressure