22nd Philip Edgcumbe Hughes Lecture Series (2019)

Speaker Information


Wong Tak Meng

Wong Tak Meng, Archdeacon for Community Services in the Diocese of Singapore, has a great narrative of Singapore’s internal growth AFTER it focused on planting new missionary dioceses in Southeast Asian countries following the downfall of communism. Come hear his inspiring story before he goes on to share the same story at an Anglican Global Mission Partners pre-conference in North Carolina. 

Tak Meng — whose passion is to see the people of God fulfill their calling to be witnesses to the nations, across the oceans or across the street — has been in full-time ministry since 1996. He now serves as Vicar of St Hilda’s Church as well as Archdeacon for Community Services in the Diocese of Singapore. Previously he served as Dean of Cambodia from Nov 2009 to April 2019. Prior to entering the ministry, Tak Meng was an aircraft engineer; he married special education teacher Leng Leng 30 years ago. 

One has only to look at the Diocese of Singapore website (www.anglican.org.sg) to see a group of people taking seriously all aspects of the Great Commission— growing churches, building hospitals and schools, and taking the Word into surrounding countries.